Workplan description

WP 1: Management
The first work package relates to managment and coordination of project. It will be mostly carried out by Superna ltd., but also other project partners will contribute their parts. Effective management of the project is required to fulfil the work programme and to ensure the quality of the project deliverables by all project partners and the spending of the project budget in line with the signed contract. The work package will begin in first month of the project and will continue all 24 monts of project duration.

WP 2: Product verification and life-cycle assessment
The second work package is related to conducting all necessary testing of the self-propelled bulk carriage for obtaining TSI (Technical Specification for Interoperability) certificates and conducting a life cycle assessment (LCA).
The main role in this WP will have IKS with preparation of testing plan, conducting of test and preparation of testing results. The RZV will overview of testing and providing data and information for testing. LCA will be done by FPZ.

WP 3: Obtaining TSI certificates, the EPD, and maintaining the patent
In order to overcome the biggest markets barriers facing the self-propelled carriage, through this WP, RZV will use the results of the previous WP to apply for the TSIs (Technical Specification for Interoperability) and the environmental product declaration (EPD). Furthermore, RZV will, based on the Market Analysis done under WP4, decide to apply for the TSI permits in order to operate in several European countries.

WP 4: Marketing and Communication Activities
In workpackage 4 external environmental analysis will be done in order to understand product's external environment. This will be followed by marketing plan and and action plan (communication activities). Main role in this work package has Altius with contribution of RZV and Superna.

WP 5: Business Plan and Exploitation
Work package 5 includes prepration of business plan it will be done by Superna. RZV and Altius will contribute inputs in business plan prepraration and managing the business opportuities. RZV will additionaly do monitoring of business plan implementation. Duration of this work package will be from 7 – 24 month.

WP 6: Dissemination Activities
Work package 6 will be done by all project partners and this WP cover resurses to contribute, upon request by EACI, to common dissemination activities and a final evaluation with the goal to increase synergies between projects supported by eco-innovation initiative and to increase their visibility. This WP also includes project specific dissemination activities among target groups and general public.

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