Static testing of Self-propelled rail

Testing through the use of static loads of the prototype Self-propelled rail car type F, which produced by RŽV Čakovec d.o.o., are being conducted in order to ensure the integrity od construction, the quality of production and to verify the prototype od the said rail car in order to receive the use permits in international traffic. 




Static testing of hardness is being conducted in accordance with

regulations TSI WAG: 2013 point and, as well as,

respectively, EN 12663-2:2010 chapters 5, 6 and 7 for category F-I and

contains the following cases:

- Testing with horizontal loads (t. 5.2.2, EN 12663-2)

- Testing with vertical loads with maximum exploitation loads (t., EN 12663-2)

- Testing with a combination of loads (t., EN 12663-2)

- Raising of loaded wagon (t., EN 12663-2)

- The impact of force pressure on individual locations on the hopper of the rail car (t. 7.3.3; EN 12663-2)



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