Demonstration of the self-propelled wagon at the final event

Demonstration of the functions of the self-propelled wagon was held as part of the final event on 01.09.2016 at the headquarters of RZV Ltd. 

The functionality of the main innovation of RZV Ltd - the Self-propelled bulk carriage:

self-prop-rail-final-event-01  self-prop-rail-final-event-02

Invitation to the final event for the EU project „SELF PROP RAIL“

We kindly invite you to participate in the final event of the project „SELF PROP RAIL,“ which will be held on 01.09.2016 at the headquarters of RZV Ltd. 

SELF PROP RAIL is co-financed by the European Union via the CIP Eco-innovation Initiative.

The purpose of the project is to develop and commercialize the main innovation of RZV Ltd: the Self-propelled bulk carriage.

Read more: Invitation to the final event for the EU project „SELF PROP RAIL“

The EPD certification

Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd  has achieved EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) in accordance with ISO 14025 for The Self-Propelled Bulk Carriage.

A document is issued on 27th June, 2016.

The documents obtained by Railway Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd in relation to the EPD can be downloaded directly from the EPD site, or from here:

pdf Environmental Product Declaration
pdf Climate declaration

Testing in Koprivnica

On railway relation Koprivnica - Križevci we have done testing of self propelled carriage in order to determine brake mass. Done by experts from IKS Serbia together with experts from RŽV Croatia.

selfproprail-koprivnica1 m selfproprail-koprivnica2 m

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