Description of project

self-prop-rail demo

SELF PROP RAIL will bring to the market self-propelled bulk carriage designed for resource-efficient (re)construction of railway infrastructure.

SELF PROP RAIL contributes to enhancing resource-efficient (re)construction of railway infrastructure. The project will bring to the market a new, innovative self-propelled bulk carriage that does not need a locomotive for shuffling and moving during cargo unloading processes and at the same time can discharge required amounts of construction materials precisely where needed.

The carriage saves energy, human resources and shortens the time of transportation and unloading. It is cost and time efficient, it enables point-to-point transportation, and there is no need for cost-intensive cargo manipulation machinery for freight handling or time-intensive coupling and reloading processes.

During the project it will be obtaining all certificates needed for the carriage’s market penetration, to develop the market strategy for the introduction of this innovative product, and to demonstrate the carriage’s efficiency and qualities in various situations via tests.

The consortium consists of 5 project partners that have expertise in key aspects of the project: technical solutions, testing, life-cycle analysis, marketing and project management. The project will be implemented in Croatia and its neighbouring countries, and the entire EU-28 is considered as the potential market.

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